CMP Initiatives (Class I to V) of the Vidyalay 2017-18.


REPORT   ON C.M.P.FOR  2017-2018.

FILM SHOWS:   FILM SHOWS are arranged class wise.  A Register is maintained class wise.

LEARNER ACHIEVEMENT TEST/WORKSHEETS: LAT/WORKSHEETS are prepared by teachers, lesson wise.  A Register for the preparation of LAT/worksheets is maintained. All the work sheets are filed (class wise and subject wise).

TEACHING LEARNING MATERIALAn amount of Rs 2,000/- is utilized every month for procuring the necessary material to prepare the T.L.M.

A Register on use of T.L.M is maintained .

A Record of use of T.L.M is maintained in the Teacher’s Diary.

CLASS LIBRARY:  Block periods are arranged for class library. A separate   class library register is maintained by all class teachers. Planning to purchase around 500 books for this academic year

INVESTITURE  CEREMONY:  Was held on  07-07-17. Badges were presented to Captains and Vice captains of CCA , Sports, and the four Houses.

MEDICAL CHECK UP:  1st round of medical checkup for classes 1to 5 was from        24-07-2017. PTA meeting regarding measles &rubella vaccination was conducted on 29-07-2017. Measles &Rubella vaccination for primary students was done on 05-08-2017.

HEERAK PANKH & CHATURTH CHARAN TESTING CAMP : Was conducted on 26-08-17 in the Vidyalaya premises.

HINDI PAKHWADA :  Competitions  conducted and completed  in the month of September 2017.

VIDYALAYA LEVEL BAL DIWAS :  Fancy Dress competition  were conducted for classes UKG classes 1to5  on  14-11-2017.

VIDYALAYA  LEVEL SPORTS ACTIVITIES: Class level competitions  started  in the month of July 2016 and finals were conducted in the month of November .

COMMUNITY LUNCH:   Organised from 21-11 -17 for classes I to V

FILM SHOW : Around 350 children of Classes 3 to 5 were taken out to Lakshmi Narasimha theatre for the movie “ ADITYA” on 19-08-17.


1.      On 04-04-2017---with parents of Class I acquainting them with CCE, and other activities being conducted at the Vidyalaya .

2.      On 31-08-17 ---- to inform the parents’ about their wards performance in Periodioc test-1 and his or her behavior in the school.

3.       On 07-10-17 ---to inform the parents about their wards progress in Halyearly

4.      On 28-10-2017---to show the halfyearly examination papers,issue of 1st term reports cards for the classes I to V

CLUSTER LEVEL CMP MEETING – It was conducted in our Vidyalaya on 25-11-2017. All the Principals ,HMs/senior PRTs of the cluster attended the meeting. Smt.A.Padmavathi AC KVS (RO) HYD presided over the meeting.There was an elaborate and detailed discussion on the implementation of Back to Basics in the vidyalayas of the cluster.

GREEN OLYMPIAD (JUNIORS): 63 students from Classes IV & V participated in the Green Olympiad for juniors.

RELEASE OF NEWS LETTER: The News Letter for the academic year 2016-17 was released on 14-11-17.

TLM EXHIBITION: Organised  subject wise for classes UKG, Classes 1 to 5 

GRAND PARENTS’ DAY CELEBRATION:  Celebrated on 14-11-17.


Kendriya Vidyalaya  Sangathan is one of the premier organisations striving relentlessly for the cause of all round development of a child. Its main aim is to shape nurture and transform tender minds into responsible citizens right from primary level. The innate talent is tapped and the child is brought to lime light through co- curricular activities ( CCA) an integral part of all Kendriya Vidyalayas . CCA provides the right platform for the students to showcase their talents and develop effective communication skills.  

              Activities like elocution, storytelling, Calligraphy, pledge administering, word building, memory retention, extemporal speech in both the languages are conducted to improve their language skills. Group songs, group dances, singing national anthem, drawing and painting, colouring, map pointing, preparing best from waste, fancy dress competitions are also organised and students  are encouraged to participate and win fabulous prizes. KV-1 SVN  is striving hard to promote values among the children not only through academics but also through CCA 


Our primary children have also competed outside the school and proved  their abilities.


1.      Mast.Piyush Sahu of VB has participated in Navy painting competition and also secured greenbelt in Shito-ryu karate- Do

2.       Master S .Hari kiran IV A  got 1st position in individual kata,  3rd in Kumite, 2nd in Kata, 3rd in the 35th Budokan  karate championship and silver medal in the sub-junior level in karate

3.      Mast. Aditya .V of IV A secured Yellow belt, orange belt and also bronze medal in 7th  Kenyu-Ryu Karate championship 2017.

4.      Mast. V.Ashish of IV A bagged 1st position in Kata, Kumite in sub junior level and gold Medal in South India Wadokai Karate Do championship

5.      Kum M.P Geetika of V B got selected for state level painting competition by the ministry of power organized government of India and awarded Rs.2000/- as ash prize.She also secured yellow belt and certificate of proficiency in Karate conducted by Wado Ryu Karate Do federation of India



Students of classes III to V have participated in the CMP cluster level cultural competitions in drawing and painting, group song, group dance and solo song which was held at KV NO-2 SVN on 25-11- 2017 .Students also took part in the CMP cluster level sports meet which was held at KV NO-1 SVN  on 25-11-17 they participated in Running ,Relay,Skipping, Kabaddi ,Kho-Kho.

Achievements:     Drawing and Painting


1.      Mast Dhiren Sahil III C secured 1st position.

2.      Kum.Shivani II C got IIIrd position

3.      Mast Hardik Yadav IV B secured III rd.

4.      Mast Sutanu Chakraborty VC secured 1st.

5.      Kum M.P Geetika V B secured  2nd.


1.      Kho-Kho (girls) team secured 2nd position.

2.      Kabaddi (boys ) team secured  IVth position

3.      Relay race(girls) team secured 2nd position.

4.      Rope Skipping  (boys ) K.Jai Charan Vth C secured  2nd position

5.      Rope Skipping  (girls ) G. Navya Vth C secured  1st position

All round championship is won by KV NO-1 SVN